Emily Lo, CPA, CGA, CPA (WA)


Vision Tax

U.S. & Canadian tax compliance & consulting services

U.S. Tax Compliance

Taxpayers who are U.S. citizens, Green Card Holders, or individuals who work in the U.S. or simply have U.S. investments may have U.S. filing obligations. We can ensure that you are compliant with your U.S. filings on a timely basis while you are residing within or outside of the U.S.

Canadian Tax Compliance & Voluntary Disclosures

Ensuring compliance with Canadian tax and foreign asset reporting requirement for taxpayers with Canadian and non-Canadian source income, taxpayers who are departing from or arriving Canada and assisting Canadian non-residents who continue to have Canadian source income.

IRS Streamlined Procedures

For qualified U.S. citizens or tax residents who were unaware of their filing obligations and would like to become compliant under the IRS Streamlined Procedures.

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